Sonic Youth

"I Love You Golden Blue"
Throughout the band's major label heyday in the '90s, Gordon and Moore's lyrics didn't dive into topics of domesticity or romance — Gordon opted to write lyrics with a feminist bent ("Shoot," "Little Trouble Girl," "Panty Lies"), while Moore's tunes grew increasingly fixed on the political ("Youth Against Fascism"), the musical ("Theresa's Sound World," "Screaming Skull"), or the straight-up inscrutable ("Starfield Road"). That changed on 2004's Sonic Nurse, particularly with Gordon's devastating ballad "I Love You Golden Blue." This remains one of her most aching and confessional tunes ever — not to mention one of the band's most haunting and gorgeous. Over drizzling guitars and drummer Steve Shelley's delicate pitter-patter, she whispers about missing a long-lost lover's presence — and losing the will the hang on. "I can't find the time," she coos. "I love you, Golden Blue, I miss you." It's hard not to think that cracks in Gordon and Moore's relationship began to show around this time.


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