Herschell Gordon Lewis has been justly dubbed the Godfather of Gore for creating the cellyloid equivalent of the French theatrical form grand guignol.Blood Feast is his most notable (and notorious) creation.A ludicrously OTT fable of sacrificial slaughter, cannibalism and violent death, it centres around the murderous mission of psychotic Egyptian cateter/high priest Faud Ramses (Arnold).Hired to sypply an exotic banquet, Ramses takes the hacking out the vital organs of young girls as an offering to his Goddess (a shop-window mannequin) which he then serves up as an "Egyptian Feast" to the unsuspecting diners. Ramses gets his just desserts, however, by falling into a garbage truck compacter where he is crushed to a pulp. A terrible end that mirrors his acting ability.
Director:Herschell Gordon Lewis Cast:William Kerwin,Mal Arnold


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