The daddy of all those 1980s slasher movies(including its own five sequels-- Part III, Season Of The Witch doesn't count), this grips from the opening long single take that introduced the world to Michael Myers. Fifteen years after slashing his sister to death and being institutionalized, Myers returns to his hometown of Haddonfield for a knife-wielding reunion. Shot in only three weeks for just $300,000, Halloween marked the feature debut of "scream queen" Jamie Lee Curtis (who also starred in Carpenter's The Fog and two of Halloween's sequels) and became an incredibly influential horror movie. From the stalk-and-slash "he's behind you" shocks that have been ripped off ad infinitum to Carpenter's unforgettable score and direction, this classic has caused whole generations to check what's behind the wardrobe door before going to bed.
Director: John Carpenter Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence


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