Griffith reminds everyone what a fine comic actress she can be in this affectionate satire about the movie business. She plays a star who is kidnapped by a cult leader (Dorft) to be used as part of his revolutionary assault on mainstream cinema. Griffith queens it as an egomaniac star who is made over to look more and more like Waters' departed muse Divine. The gags are fast, furious and usually funny ( the cinema multiplex they attack is showing Patch Adams: The Director's Cut and Gump Again) and movie in- abound. The scene where Griffiths rejects her limo because it's the wrong color really happened (Ginger Rogers did the spurning). Thank God for John Waters.
Director: John Water Cast: Melanie Griffith, Stephen Dorff, Alicia Witt, Ricki Lake, Patty Hearst


One of the best movies ever! I really need to get a copy and watch it again.

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