28. THE WHO: Won't Get Fooled Again/ I Don't Even Know Myself (1971)
It doesn't sound like the greatest idea: hauling Pete Townshend's eight-minute treatise on the contradictions of revolution off Who's Next; crudely hacking down its synth parts and ensemble passages; and squeezing it on to a 7-inch single. In fairness, though, enough of the song's elemental force remains to allow Won't Get Fooled Again to boom forth with a righteous fury-- and besides, there's the added pleasure of a flipside that deals with the all-too-familiar subject of inner emotional turmoil, and points squarely in the direction of 1973's Quadrophenia.
Availability: Who's Next Polydor CD
27. ARETHA FRANKLIN: Respect/ Save Me (1967)
Respect seems to speak to everyone, which is why it became an anthem for all the social movements of the late '60s. It wasn't just civil rights campaigners who adopted the song; so did feminists, despite the fact it was written by no less a man than Otis Redding. Franklin's most-requested song was given a rattling, bouncing arrangement, over which Aretha's vocals soar without inhibition, showing that Lady Soul had found her spiritual home in the musical embrace of the Muscle Shoals rhythm machine. And in Save Me it boasts one of the greatest B-sides ever.
Availability: Respect- The Very Best Of Warner Bros CD 


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