34. CHIC: Good Times/ A W arm Summer Night (1979)
Strip away the mirror balls and you'll find that Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were actually acute social observers. By the late '70's, the fruits on America's vine were withering; recession was taking hold and form its jet airliner take-off, Good Times was an ironic recreation of the Depression-era standard, Happy Days Are Here Again. With the "disco sucks" movement taking hold in the US, Chic's career effectively collapsed the very same moment Good Times hit number 1. For unlike other bands who "went disco", they had no pre-disco past to fall back on.
Availability: Risque Atlantic CD
33. BLUE OYSTER CULT: (Don't Fear) The Reaper/ R U Ready 2 Rock (1976)
That a hard rock supergroup could come up with such an exquisite evocation of such a timeless theme is one of life's mysteries. Disturbingly blissful in its exhortations to accept oncoming death as part of Nature's cycle, the song assures listeners that, "Forty thousand men and women everyday" succumb to said portent of doom, but no worry, it's no big deal. After all, there's that great, nagging guitar riff accompaniment to take your mind off it. Best keep off the gin, though-- and demand your money back if you get the short version, without the eerie middle section.
Availability: Don't Fear The Reaper: The Best Of The Blue Oyster Cult Sony CD


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