God has a reputation, largely deserved, for being a bit deep. But when he speaks in the movies, as you can see below, this isn't always the case.
Jesus: What is your name my friend?
James: James. Little James. They call me Little because I'm the youngest. What's yours?
Jesus: Jesus.
James: Ah, that's a good name. Thank you.
The Greatest Story Ever Told(1965)
Jesus: My name is Jesus. I come from Nazareth.
Guard: Nazareth? I've not been there for many years. Yet your face is familiar.
Jesus: You once came to our house and spoke to my mother.
Guard: The house of the carpenter-oh yes.
King of Kings(1961)
Jesus: Did I ever tell you I used to read feet?
Jeffrey: You used to .... what?
Jesus: Some people read palms or tea leaves. Iread feet.
Jesus: Tomorrow is my birthday, yet all is not right.
Stan: Your birthday is on Christmas? That sucks, dude!
The Spirit of Christmas(1995) 


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