The Breeders began as a side project for Kim Deal of the Pixies, Tanya Donelly of throwing Muses, and Josephine Whiggs of the great British trance-rockers The Perfect Disaster. Lat Splash balances pleasure and conflict with staggeringly high payoffs on both sides, a pop album that couldn't have sounded listener-friendly even a year earlier. Throughout, bizzare noise-guitar detours erupt into perfectly hummable songs about summer, diving, and carnivals, as well as the "glitter on the water" of sexual sparks. "Canonball" piles Doors and Clash riffs, arch sound effects, the word "bong" and some Wizard of Oz chants into an indelible punk groove. "Hag" is a declaration of pride, "Invisible Man" feeds Cocteau-ish harmonics through the industrial grinder, and "Divine Hammer" even addreses the taboo indie-rock topic of enjoing orgasms over giddy New Zealand guitars. It's a utopian record, evoking a place where straight, jocky Midwestern sisters can unite with Euro death-chicks to bond and plunder.


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