A bleak yet humorous take on the future. Sam (Pryce) feels suppresed in a world of technology and bureaucracy, and dreams of flying off with his dream girl Jill (Greist) whom he has never met. Gilliam's experience directing this film was almost as nightmarish as the stoty of Sam. He fought with Universal Studios' chairman Sid Sheinberg (as documented in the book The Battle Of Brazil) with Sheinberg insisting on an upbeat ending, first shown in the US TV version. Gilliam was also unhappy with Kim Greist's perfomance as Jill (he'd wanted Ellen Barkin for the role after seeing screen tests by her, Greist, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly McGillis and even Madonna). So he cut several of her scenes which Sheinberg added to his studio version, referred to as "Love Conquers All".
Ditrctor: Terry Gilliam Cast: Jonathan Pryse, Robert De Niro, Katherine Helmond, Kin Greist, Bob Hoskins


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