Before Cage became a mainstream Hollywood lead, he was the darling of independent filmmakers, and Wild At Heart marked the peak of his alternative career. He plays Sailor, in love with Lula(Dern), but hated by her crazed mother (Dianne Ladd, Dern's real-life mother in a gift of a role). Lula and Sailor take off his convertible on a journey that could be in hell, or along the Yellow Brick Road, peppered with car wrecks, ex-lovers and the usual bunch of Lynch crazies and dropouts. Spiced with plenty of black humour, explicit gore and the dirtiest kind of sex, the film teeters on the edge of parody-of the road movie, of all "outsider" films, and of Lynch's own work.When Lula says it's all "wild at heart and weired on top", she's not wrong.
Director:David Lynch Cast:Nicholas Cage,Laura Dern


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