The best adaptation of a Stephen King book is actually a miniseries (The Stand), but The Shining is the most memorable movie based on one of his horror novels. Devoted fans were upset that the ending was changed, but director Kubrick brings his own charm and foibles--and the jaw-dropping tracking shot of the boy on the tricycle-- to this psychological horror that is essentially a haunted house movie of the first degree.Nicholson chews up the scenery as Jack Torrance,who becomes caretaker of the remote Overlook Hotel during the winter months when it's closed and cut off from the rest of civilisation by snow drifts; Duvall is the wife who goes through hell when he begins to lose his marbles.Most impressive of all, however, is six-year-old Danny Lloyd as their son who has the gift of "shining" (clairvoyance).Legend has it that Kubrick kept a carefull eye on Lloyd so he didn't realise he was involved in the making of a horror movie until a few years later(Lloyd didn't get bitten by the acting bug: he is now a science teacher).
Director:Stanley Kubrick Cast:Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall


Great movie with lots of memorable lines.

One of the greatest movies of all time! Everybody remembers the "Here's Johnny" line, but the best line (or scene)in the movie was:

"Wendy, darling. Light of my life. I'm not gonna kill ya. I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash 'em right the f*ck in...."

I am on the floor when he says that. Then Wendy crowns him with the baseball bat. CLASSIC!

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