Cox's most original film is a fantastic conflation of every budget sci-fi theme: a dystopian lawless future, a goverment conspiracy, aliens and atomic power. Otto (Estevez in his first and best starring role) is a disaffected youth who meets a car repossesion man (Stanton in the funniest perfomance of his career) and is persuaded to join the agency. In mortal danger as a repo man, he is soon caught up in the hysteria surrounding a mysterious 1964 Chevy and its glowing deadly cargo. Cox adds to this already unusual brew the finer details that define any cult movie. Many characters are named after kinds of beer, all the cars have Christmas tree air fresheners (very sinister if you've seen Se7en) and all the cars turn the opposite way from the one they're indicating.
Director:Alex Cox Cast: Harry Dean Stanton, Emilio Estevez


A note on those air fresheners - they actually had to have scentless ones made for the party scene; otherwise the smell would have totally overwhelmed the cast and crew. And yes, I had one hanging from my editing bench.

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