Lynch's first major film tells the strange tale of Henry (Nance) and Mary X's (Stewart) bizzare relationship when, during a family dinner, they are informed that they are now the proud parents of a helpless, mewling, phallic-necked premature baby creature. Essentially about the horror of procreation, Eraserhead is full of subliminally sexual nightmare images of tiny bleeding chickens, exploding womb sacs and Henry's slowly plummeting severed head. Eraserhaed has echoes of Bunuel and Dali's Un Chien Andalou, as though Lynch had allowed that film's dark dreams to mutate and fester anew through Henry, the hysterical Mary, the bandaged, fly-blown baby, and the putty-faced Radiator Lady who exists in Henry's imagination. Jack Fisk as the Man In The Planet is surrounded by the same aura that made Bunuel's moon-gazing eye-slasher so memorable.
Director: David Lynch Cast: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Laurel Near, Allen Joseph


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