Cool, unrelenting and vicious, Jack Carter returns to Newcastle to find those responsible for killing his brother and falls into a world of corruption, seedy pornography and murder. Although Ted Lewis' original work was set in an unnamed steel town, Newcastle-upon-Tyne provides a suitably gritty backdrop for the action( every southerner knows it's grim up north). Thirty years on, the coolness with wich Jack dishes out violence remains far more disturbing than any slasher film, and anticipates the measured violence of the following year's The Godfather. Playwright John Osborne is surprisingly effective as the crime boss. Caine didn't get to know him well: "He seemed to be someone who didn't like many other people, so I kept out of his way in case I was one of them." Sly Stallone's American remake has all the narrative coherence of Thomas And The Magic Railroad.


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