Gentle and sweet film,based on a true story about an old man who drove for six months on a ride-on lawnmower in order to visit his sick brother.Farnsworth plays Alvin Straight, a man who cannot be dissuaded from his journey,no matter how many offers of help he gets from people along the way.Fans of  Lynch who expect the lawnmower to burst into flames,or Alvin to suddenly develop a healthy sexual or a bizzare hairstyle, will be disappointed.This is the director at his lyrical, thoughtful best--still concerned with people's underlying quirks, their individuality and personal stories, and Middle America in general, but leaving his more twisted territory alone for a while.Farnsworth, an ex-stuntman who used to double for Roy Rogers and Gary Cooper, is a joy as Alvin and deserved his Oscar nomination for the role.Sadly he commited suicide after receiving a diagnosis of terminal cancer.
Director:David Lynch Cast:Richard Farnsworth,Sissy Spacek.


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