Probably the weirdest and most disturbing horror movie ever created.Made in Mexico on a shoestring budget, El Baron Del Terror tells the grisly tale of an evil baron (Salazar) from a few centuries back who is reincarnated and,riding on a meteor, returns from outer space as a brain-eating monster with an enormous forked tongue.He uses this gruesome appendage on his unsuspecting dinner-guest victims,first killing them with a campy kiss before scooping out their grey matter and gulping it down.What the creature can't manage sitting is saved in a secret cupboard for seconds.The hallucinatory feeling that one experiences while watching this movie is certainly hard to shake off.And here's a fascinated fact: cult rock musician Captain Beefheart (aka Don Van Vliet) paid lyrical homage to El Baron Del Terror in a song called Debra Kadabra,which he co-wrote with Frank Zappa for the Bongo Fury akbum(1975)
Director:Chano Urueta Cast:Abel Salazar,Ariadna Welter.


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