Arch Hall Jr didn't want to be in Dad's movie. " Gee Pop," he said, " I can't sing." But his father said that a lot of people who couldn't sing had done well in the movies. So Eegah! was born: an attempt to make an Elvis Presley movie wiyhout Elvis ( but with the director's son), with fewer songs but with the added bonus of a prehistoric giant played by a chap called Richard Kiel, who was then a bouncer at a nightclub the director knew. The giant falls in love with Manning, fights with Tommy (Hall Jr) but Tommy, amazingly, wins. If this was The Player you could imagine one of the studio execs saying: "It's King Kong meets Blue Hawai." Which is pretty much what it is.
Director: Arch Hall Sr Cast: Arch Hall Jr, Marilyn Manning, Richard Kiel


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