Although the idea of teaming tough-talking gangsters with smart-mouthed kids isn't exactly new territory,  the casting of Gena Rowlands ( the late director's wife) as the tough-talking  gangster's moll is what carries the film. A family is wiped out by the mob for giving information to the FBI, with only the seven-year-old son surviving. Gloria ( Rowlands ) is the former gangster's girl living next door who bergrundgingly looks after the kid. From here a cat-and-mouse chase ensues, with Gloria and her street smarts trying to save the kid and herself. Cassavetes gives the film a suitably smoky feel but it is devoid of some of the usual touches and Rowlands' Oscar-nominated turn drives the film. Avoid the 1999 Sharon Stone remake.
Director: John Cassavetes Cast: Gena Rowlands, Julie Carmen, John Adames


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