Two cheers for Burton for not making this a camp classic but instead an affectionately amusing piece about the man who has posthumously been dubbed the worst film director in the world. It would have been easy to camp it up: Wood (Depp) was a director, after all, who claimed to have gone to war wearimg panties and bra underneath his uniform. A director whose cast, as girlfriend Parker says in the film, consists of "the usual gang of misfits and dope addicts". Burton gets one more cheer for giving the film some emotional depth, with its depiction of Wood's relationship, with Lugosi (brilliantly played by Landau) who is his co-star, friend and patient. A very funny, affectionate movie. Bill Condon's Gods And Monsters (1998), with Ian McKellen as the openly gay horror movie director James Whale, may also appeal if you enjoyed this.
Director: Tim Burton Cast: Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker


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