A film inspired by the media ( the events that Mastroianni's gossip columnist covers come from actual newspaper stories) which would influence the media in ways that Fellini couldn't have foreseen. The character of Paparazzo, the photographer, would coin a new word. And the phrase " La dolce vita" became part of a drive for tourism on Rome and Italy. When this was released in America cinemas were asked to persuade local shops to sell "dolce vita" goods such as chocolate and Italian products. The tale of Mastroianni's descent into decadance was slammed by the catholic church, Fellini's old mentor Roberto Rossellini and by film critic Pauline Kael, who called it the "come-dressed-as-the-sick-soul-of-Europe party". Fellini didn't approve of the "dolce vita" set, hence his refusal to cast Paul Newman on the Mastroianni role. He didn't want the Hollywood brand of star charisma to blind us to the story and saw the Italian actor as more of an everyman figure.
Director: Federico Fellini Cast: Anita Ekberg, Anouk Aimee


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