62. SQUEEZE: Up The Junction/ It's So Dirty (1979)
" I never thought it would happen, with me and the girl from Clapham" -- surely the finest opening line ever? Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook's distillatuion of a loser's life into three minutes of impeccably rhymed couplets is kitchen sink drama of the bleakest kind, despite the tense-troubling final verse. So much goes on, there's barely time for the music-- perhaps the reason why Jools Holland left shortly afterwards. In contrast, the flip is a horribly misogynistic character piece as a Jack-the-lad confesses to a conquest ("Give it some gold to put round its neck").
Availability: Cool For Cats Universal CD
61. T-REX : Children Of The Revolution/ Jitterbug Love/ Sunken Rags(1972)
Mark B may have driven a Rolls-Royce 'cause it was good for his voice, but this sounds more like a juggernaut. The colossal riff would have sounded equally at home at the Walton Hop or on the Wheeltappers and Shunters' jukebox in '72. Bolan's generosity with B-sides meant you got two flips for your five pence, including the stupendous Jitterbug Love. It's all so simple that, come 1973's unravelling of T-Rextasy, he must have kicked himself for giving it away. The muse would never come so easily again.
Availability: The Essential Collection Universal CD


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