68. THE WHITE STRIPES: Fell In Love With A Girl/ I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2002)
The Stripes at their most bubblegum and jukebox friendly, but also at their rawest- not for nothing did a Beeb advert use the track as an example of how one of their headstrong radio jocks might scare people at a wedding party. Behind the title, it is deceptively adult stuff- our man's caught in two minds about pursuing his latest conquest any further, seeing as she's already got another lover. More comlpex emotions on the flip, with a caustic rush through Bacharach and David's lovelorn classic.
Availability: White Blood Cells XL CD
67. MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS: Echo Beach/ Teddy The Dink (1980)
The song Toyah should have recorded and an evergreen post-work fave (for the line, "From nine 'till five i have to spend my time at work/ The job is very boring i'm an office clerk), Echo Beach efficiently sums up a million wistful daydreams of relief from the rat race. The Canadian Muffins featured two Marthas- Johnson on vocals on vocals and Ladly on the characteristically New Wave sax break. The other sonic highlight is that chimingguitar riff, which also appears in more sprightly form on the B-Side, Teddy The Dink-a simlpe tale of a whacky bank employee.
Availability: Then Again: The Best Of Martha And The Muffins Muffin Music/BMG


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