72. THE CHANTAYS: Pipeline/ Move it (1963)
It's hard to believe that this supremely laid back instrumental was originally called 44 Magnum. Released on the tiny US Downey label as the B-side to an all-but-forgotten vocal track, Pipeline was flipped on its Dot re-issue, to catch hold of California's emerging surf music craze. Even today, Pipeline remains unique; the opening glissando guitar figure and easy, loping melody setting it apart from other rock instrumentals of the era.
Availability: Two Sides Of The Chantays Repertoire CD
71. THE MONOTONES: Book Of Love/You Never Loved Me (1958)
This vocal six-piece grew up in a housing project in New Jersey and sang in a Baptist choir directed by Cissy Houston before breaking away for this sole hit. On every level it is inane-- a bassist who sounds like Fozzie Bear, an upturned dustbin for a drum kit, the comically insincere lyric, "Baby baby baby/ Ilove you yes I do/ Well it says so in this book of love"-- but it is also indescribably gleeful. American Graffiti incarnate, it should come as no surprise that the melody was pinched from a toothpaste ad.
Availability: The Golden Age Of Rock'n'Roll Vol.7 Ace CD


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