Scorsese edited this while on a diet of Dom Perignon and Quaaludes, and at one point threatened to shoot the studio boss who wanted to change the ending. Scorsese won the argument. His Vietnam vet Travis Bickle is one of film's great loners. Scriptwriter Paul Schrader always claimed he was inspired to write this by watching John Wayne's The Searchers, another film where the hero becomes obsessed with rescuing women. He was also inspired by diaries of the man who shot George Wallace: a fact which seemed doubly pertinent when John Hinckley would try to assasinate Ronald Reagan in part to impress Jodie Foster. The astonishing thing about the film is, even though we can all do Travis Bickle impersonations, how fresh it all seems. Bickle's aloneness is convicingly drawn. Not to be confused with Confessions Of A Taxi Driver, released the same year.
Director:Martin Scorsese Cast:Robert De Niro,Jodie Foster


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