Odd, if compelling, story of a young Czech-born mother (Bjork) working in a US factory during the 1960s. She is trying to save money to cure her son from an inherited eye condition, which is causing her own blindness, and escapes from the tedium and stress of her life by pretending she is in a musical. Fans of Bjork's yowling vocal style are most likely to enjoy the numbers, but even those unfamiliar with her music will be entranced by the way von Trier weaves the sounds of the machinery she works with, as well as the local railway engines, into the score. Despite the bleak premise there are some hilarious moments, especially when the local group casts Selma as Maria in The Sound of Music. Despite some reports of on-set tensions and a mixed reception, the film won a Palme D'Or and a best actress award for bjork at Cannes.
Director: Lars von Trier Cast: Bjork, Catherine Deneuve


I enjoyed it and it was great to see Catherine Deneuve there, she plays a brilliant and (surprisingly?) discreet character. Selma's Songs is a good cd as well. Thanks for the post, and the photo. :)

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